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Nelson Garden, Woburn, Landscaping


Landscaping, Masonry, Hardscaping, Stonework, & Outdoor Spaces for Homeowners, Architects, and Designers. Serving Woburn, Winchester, Reading, Lexington, Melrose, Newton, Arlington, Wellesley, and Surrounding cities and towns.


Retaining Walls, Walkways and Stairs

We love the challenge of sloped land! Retaining walls give you the opportunity to transform unusable space into a place where you will create memories with family and friends. Let our expert masons design and build retaining walls that are sure to become focal points in your landscape.

Custom Firepits and Fire Features

Keep warm in the cooler months with a fireplace, a fire pit, or a fire lounge built by J&E Corp. Everyone loves to gather around the fire, and no other feature invites conversation like a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor Lighting

Making your landscape come to life when the sun goes down. The right landscape lighting solutions make all the difference as darkness falls. Landscape lighting illuminates your outdoor living spaces, walkways, patios, trees, and other landscaping features, along with your home’s exterior.


Thoughtful landscaping changes with the seasons and is designed to look beautiful for years, showcasing your outdoor living areas. Complement your hardscape with the perfect living elements, boost your home’s curb appeal or add a new feature to your backyard.

Pool Area Installation

When the weather warms up, pools are a great source of entertainment for family and friends. Keep the area around the pool safe and functional—a new pool deck & patio area offers an opportunity to express your creative side for a one-of-a-kind retreat!

Basketball Courts

A Basketball Court at your own home? Our landscape construction team can install a beautiful paver basketball court in your backyard. Your kids can enjoy this space for years to come & it can double as an entertainment space for your gatherings.

Ponds and Water Features

Water provides endless opportunities for contemplation if you want tranquility—or good old-fashioned fun for the whole family. Water is life, and life is drawn to water. Water provides the feel of a natural environment that helps you unplug from life’s stresses. Research has shown that being around water can lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. And the space taken up by a water feature can actually be more water-wise than a similarly sized lawn area!

Patio Design Installation

A stunning paver patio will bring your friends and family together to relax around the BBQ or a cozy fire pit. Maybe you’re tired of getting out of your car and walking up that ugly, cracked, and weed-infested asphalt walkway. At J&E Corp will help you choose every last detail of your hardscaping job and continue to make sure you love it long after the last brick is laid.

Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

A well-designed, craftsman-built kitchen is the place to be in your backyard. Entertain friends with the convenience of an outdoor kitchen, BBQ, and bar. We create outdoor kitchens that are the centerpiece of outdoor living. Quality materials will complement your home’s architectural style and ensure a kitchen that’s built to last.

Lawn and Sod Installation

It’s our mission to help you maintain a landscape that is as beautiful tomorrow as it is today. We also want you to enjoy your weekends! Our thoroughly trained professionals handle every aspect of landscape care, from the tiniest flower to the most majestic tree.

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From crafting beautiful garden designs to regular lawn care, preparing your yard for different seasons, planting new lawns, and solving any water issues with expert drainage, we do it all. We're a trusted, fully insured company, committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

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